The first section contains basic exercises for linear playing skills: voice Linear Time Playing: Funk & Fusion Grooves for the Modern Styles Gary Chaffee. Time Functioning Patterns includes materials dealing with rock cymbal ostinatos, The first section will help students to develop basic linear playing skills, voice. Gary Chaffee’s Linear Time Playing presents an in-depth analysis of the topic. The first section contains basic exercises for linear playing skills: voice.

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This video focuses on sticking time feels, linear motion and rhythm and meter. Many interesting themes are presented, and both players have a chance to “stretch out” and improvise in different situations.

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Linear Time Playing by Gary Chaffee | Drum Set Method Book (Alfred Music Publishing)

Originally Posted by Hawk I’m working on tid bits of three of his books. The first section of the book features basic exercises such as voice coordination, dynamic balance, accenting, etc. Accessories Cases Covers Stands. Linear Time Playing is a drum set method book by Gary Gary chaffee linear time playing offering an in-depth analysis of playing in linear time.

His system takes a bit of getting used to, but once you understand his approach, and can predict his next move, you can really run with it.

Anybody want to come down for some free linear lessons, or some creative phrasing help, just send me a message and we can set something up! Official Return Policy Shipping Every single order that goes out the door has a tracking number that will be emailed gary chaffee linear time playing you, and all of it is completely insured.

Visit his pkaying at, http: The first section will help students to develop basic linear playing skills, voice coordination, dynamic balance, accenting, and more.

These techniques, first published in his largely successful Patterns books, have reinvented the way many drummers approach and play their instrument. All times are GMT We ship from centrally-located Dallas, Texas. Buy it now from summitrecords. Read Reviews 0 Average User Rating. With the amount of information that Gary has to offer, gary chaffee linear time playing video was not enough – so he did two!

Also included are sections on accented single strokes, as well as the use of double strokes on the set.

You can also create an account for free. New Pearl EM1 3. Its difficult material, for sure, but well worth the effort.

I will have to do that. Going to download some vids now. He can help you with insight into Chaffee’s entire method. Some products discussed here may not be available outside gary chaffee linear time playing Playingg.

Jonathan Mover, a former student of Gary’s, makes a special appearance to demonstrate the techniques explained on this video in a fabulous solo performance.

I wish everyone would study his material. Completely different from the rudiments, Gary’s system is designed specifically for drum set performance, both for creating time feels as well as for filling and soloing.

Linear Time Playing – Gary Chaffee

Included are exercises on finger control, endurance, multiple-note playing, hand-foot combinations and more. Keep in touch for additional updates. This video focuses plying phrasing and motion. Ample space is provided for the student to create his or linsar own ideas. Endorsed by many of today’s top players, the books cover a wide range of materials, and will help students develop the kinds of skills necessary for drum set performance.

He has some really great vids on that website! GET gary chaffee linear time playing of his videos. Just bought this book today and it is really good! Drummers should have great fun working on this piece.